PE Optical Cable Micro-Duct Bundles Coating Jacketed Tube Pipe Machine

Telecommunication cable microduct pipe machine

HDPE Communication Tube And Bundle Pipe Making Machine / Extrusion Line

HDPE Communication pipe machine have two system, one is HDPE microduct tube extrusion line, one is HDPE communication bundle pipe extrusion line. And the bundle pipe could be spiral corrugated pipe (COD pipe) or polygon pipe system.

Machinery equipment List:

1. Core pipe system include: Automatic feeder, SJ65/33 Extruder. SJ25/25 Mark line extruder, Core pipe die, Vacuum tank, water tank, haul-off machine, coiler

2. Bundle Pipe system include: Un coiler for core pipe, guiding device, coating die, 65/33 Extruder, Vacuum tank, haul off machine, coiler

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stainless steel Pipe Water cooling Tank

It is adopted stainless steel materials, high quality vacuum and water pump. There is flow stabilization system for better pipe surface.

4.Haul off unit

It could be rubber belt or rubber block clamping way.

PVC HDPE PE PPR Plastic Profile and Pipes Caterpillar Haul off Machine


CS model caterpillar type shaped plastic material drawer adopts double caterpillar drawing method, thyristor stepless governor.

It is mainly uesd with a plastic extruder for plastic pipe material, soft pipe and other plastic shaped materials. Its applicability is wide and its usage is convenient.

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Single Screw Extruder

There is 45/33,65/30,65/33,75/30,75/33 , 90/33... etc extruders according diameters and ouput.

High production capacity of extrusion on the high quality basis. Lower temperature plasticizing design, ensure high quality pipe extrusion. Material of screw and barrel: 38CrMoAlA, nitrogen quenched (0.4-0.7mm ), Rigidity of screw: >740 , Rigidity of barel >940, the surface of screw is chromeplated Feeding bush with water cooling system

The machine's electrical uses ABB, Siemens, Omron and Schneider brand components, stable operation and long service life.

The extruders use high efficiency screw, its L/D is 33:1 ,  it is equipped with a high-torque motor and has high production efficiency.

Pipe Extrusion Die head

The die head is made by 40Cr moulds materials.

Using mica heating way

It could be do coating with 2 way, 3way,4way,5way,7way etc.

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