Pvc Crust Foam Board Extrusion Machine

1.production line list

No Name Type Quantity Marks
1.1 Conical twin screw extruderWith automatic spring feeder SJSZ-80/156 1set Equipped with automatic spring feeder
1.2 Electrical control system   1set Delta frequency converter, Siemens contactor 
1.3 Mould SJM-1350 1set Oil string device at die port, automatic temperature control
1.4 Vacuum setting die SDX-1500 1set 4-stage sizing cooling
1.5 Hauling off SQY-1400 1set 8 sets, 16 rolls.
1.6 Cooling bracket SJTJ-3000 1set  
1.7 Longitudinal cutting device SQG-1220 1set  
1.8 Transverse cutting machine SQG-1220 1set  
1.9 Plate unloading device SJS-1220 1set  
1.10 Hot and cold mixer SHR500/1000 1set  
1.11 Crusher SWP-380 1set  
1.12 Grinder SMP-630 1set  

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2. Pvc Crust Foam Board Extrusion Machine instruction

2.1 RAW MATERIAL PVC Add auxiliary materials
2.2 BOARD SIZE 5-25×1220
2.3 Line speed 0.7-1m/min
2.4 MAX OUTPUT 350-500kg/h
2.5 MACHINE SIZE 26000×2200×2900 L×W×H
2.6 WEIGHT 35t
2.7 Total installed power 175kw
2.8 Actual energy consumption power 11kw
2.9 Gas consumption 0.4m3/min
2.10 pressure 0.8mpa
2.11 Water circulation 0.4 m3/min
2.12 VOLTAGE AC380V±10%50HZ
2.13 WATER Industrial water, free of impurities, filtered, water pressure: 0.4MPa, water temperature: 15-25 ℃.
2.14 work environment 0-40℃


3.technological process
Raw material allocation→LOADER MATERIAL → EXTRUDER→T DIE MOULD→CALIBRATION TABLE→COOLING FRAME →8 ROLLERS HAULING OFF→  Longitudinal cutting device→Transverse cutting →transportation→test →package

4. Pvc Crust Foam Board Extrusion Machine  Application:

widely used in the construction industry and advertising decoration industry: spray painting, display boards, screen printing, computer lettering, signs, light boxes, etc. Decoration industry: Indoor and outdoor decoration boards, commercial decoration shelves, room partition, ceiling boards, cabinets, bath cabinet ceiling boards and so on. Transportation industry: ships, aircraft, buses, train cars, ceiling, car body core layer, interior decoration board and other fields.


We are professional in the production of foam board equipment, continuous improvement of the pursuit of perfection. Using international famous brands as the main parts of the machine, from the attention to machine quality, reasonable design of machine structure to save electricity, improve production, convenient customer operation and other details. We will continue to strive to provide better service to our customers, we formed a set of technology ,research and development ,production ,sales ,such us multi-functional in one of the excellence team .PVC foam board belongs to a new satisfied green sheet which can replaces wood sheets .JIASHANG plastic machinery is the best professional manufacturer of PVC WPC foam board production line . 

5.our Pvc Crust Foam Board Extrusion Machine shipment photo :

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