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Our machine can produce different thickness product ,only change formula and thickness can get A variety of uses.

This pvc foam board With such excellent features: water proof/moisture proof/mildew proof/fire retardant/acid and alkali resistant/sound insulation....

The materiai is incombustible,it is safe for use
All series of products have property of weathering proof,its luster may remain forever,it is not easy to be ageing
This product is light,storage transport.construction are rather convenient

This product can be worked with normal tools for wooden material

Driling,sewing,nail,planing,bonding can be conducted like wooden material

It is suitable for thermal shaping,thermal bending and fold processing

It can be welded.it can also be bonded with other PVC material

The surface of this product is smooth,it can be printed (Clean the surface before printing)

Application :

Architecture decoration industry:
building template board, outdoors plate, indoors decoration plate(Marble PVC Foam sheet decorative texture board)

residential house, office, separation of public building, commercial decoration frame, plate used in dust-free room, celling plate.

Household decoration Furniture:
Waterproof Bathroom Cabinet board, kitchen cabinet, furniture board, wardrobe and other home decoration board, various household shelves. For Fish Tank Base Cabinet
Advertisement industry
Screen printing, computer engraving, advertising board, exhibition plate, logo plate.
Transport industry:
ship, plane, bus, and train, floor covering, core layer, indoors decoration plate.
Industrial application:
rot proof project in chemical industry, thermal shaped part, plate for refrigeration warehous, special cool-keeping protection plate.
Other applications:

construction mold plate, sports apparatus, aquaculture material, seashore wet-proof facility, water-resistant material, arts material and all sorts of light separation plate.

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Post time: Dec-15-2023