SJSZ 80 PVC Sheet Making Machine



I. Parameters of products:

1. Suitable material: PVC power

2. Product specification:

Sheet width: 1000mm

Sheet thickness: 0.25-1.5mm

II. Parameters of production line:

1. Powder: 380v/3p/50hz

2. Machine list:

• SJSZ 80/156 twin screw extruder                 one set

• T-die mould                                    one set

• Three roller Calender                           one set

• Bracket and Haul-off machine                    one set

• double position winder                          one set

. Detailed specification of the line:

1. Specification of the SJSZ 80/156 Extruder



Performance features:

• Screw: Big output & L/D ratio. Two stage unique design effects, with low temperature plastication concept.

• Barrel: barrel is made of special steel alloy, and is equipped with aluminum thermal foil with air cooling system.

• Gearbox: gears are made of steel alloy with heat treatment and are finished with surface precision grinding. By using oil injection cooling system, it reduces noise when operating under high RPM and enhances the life span of gears.

• Motor: AC motor, selected famous brand products. Controlled by ABB/DELTA  Inverter.

• Control system: Adopt selected high quality and famous brand products from Europe, and Japan manufactures. Machine works more stable and longer working-period.

Automatic screw loader system 

Item Description Unit remarks
1 Rated Charge Capacity Kg/h 500
2 Max charge capacity Kg/h 500
3 Motor Power KW 1.5
4 Hopper volume Kg 120
5 Spring diameter mm 36
6 Storage volume kg 150
Model SJSZ-80/156 
Extrude central height 1000mm 
Max. output 380kg/h 
High efficiency screw
Screw quantity 2 PCS 
Diameter 80mm,156mm 
L/D 22:1 
Effective length 1820mm 
Material 38CrMoAlA 
Surface Treatment Nitrided and Polished 
Screw rotation speed 3.7~37r/min 
Material 38CrMoAlA 
Inner Surface treatment Nitrided, ground 
Heating method By ceramic 
Heating control zones 4zones 
Heating power 38KW 
Cooling system By blower fan 
Cooling zones 4zones 
Cooling power 1KW 
Material of the house QT200 
Gear type Helical gears 
Material of the gear 20CrMnTi 
Heat treatment of the gear surface Quenching 
Material of the axes bearings 40Cr Imported high quality bearing
Feeding block
Material Q235 
Method Water circled cooling system 
Automatic feeder
Method With vacuum suction method 
Power 1.1KW 
Degassing system
Method Vacuum degassing 
Driving motor
Method AC motor, 75KW 
Control system AC frequency converser 
Overall dimension(L x W x H) 5400mm x 850mm x 2500mm 
Weight 4500kg 
Electrical control system
Motor:SIEMENS ,INVERTER :ABB/DELTA Contactor: Schneider /siemens Temperature controller meter : Omron or Delta

The control panel consists of power indicator, main engine on-off switch and emergency stop button.

Low voltage electrical appliances are Siemens or Schneider products, and the main air switch is Delixi/CHINT products


3. T-die mould                One set

Performance features:


• Coated with chrome & polished

• Alloyed mould steel material

• Casting Alluminium heating band

Width of product   mm 1000
Sheet thickness Min. mm 0.25
Max. mm 1.5
Including Die headDie painDie bushing

Heating band

& support trolley


4. Calendar            One set

Performance features:

• With emergency stop

• Adjusting method the roller space: Pneumatic adjusting

• Temp-regulating of roller: water-heating and cooling

• Low energy consumption

• Low noise design

Inverter ABB
Driving power 2.2kw*3
Transmission manner Worm transmission
Width of roller 1250mm
Diameter of roller 400-450mm
Roughness of roller surface R0.02 (Smooth of finish is above 12 grades)
Surface of roller Plated with hard chromium
Depth 0.1 ~ 0.12mm
Thickness of roller wall 25-40mm
Dynamic balance <5-10g
Roller throttles 6-8
Deviation of surface temperature ≤2℃
Charge manner middle/down roller charging
Up-down roller adjusting Electro motion, manual
Roller controlling with high-strength heat exchange, three-roller individual water/oil temperature controller that ensures the convenience of adjusting.

5. Bracket and Haul-off Machine           One set

Performance features:

• A pair of rubber rollers haul off

• Speed adjustable control, the up and down rollers are synchronized via drive unit

• Low energy consumption

• Low noise design

Dia. Of sloe-cooling roller   Mm Ø70
Length of sloe-cooling roller   Mm 1200
Dia. Of towing roller   Mm Ø200
Towing linear velocity Min. m/min 2
Max. m/min 10
Towing motor   kw 2.2
Width without edge   mm 1200


6. double position winder        One set

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