Automatic Online PVC Pipe Belling Machine

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Plastic Pipes Auto Belling-Machine Specifications
pipe belling machine
machine for expanding plastic pipe

Detailed Product Description
PVC pipe belling machine/PVC pipe automatic belling machine is used to expand the end of PVC pipe for connection. It can do two shape, “R” mouth and “U” mouth. and formachine, there are two kind, one is full automatic, another is semi-automatic.

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Main feature

1. Low energy consumption and minimum overall dimensions.
2. Pipe heating with infrared rays in oven with double chamber.
3. Socket forming: Smooth (solvent cemented) or shaped for insertion of rubber gasket (blowing system).
4. Air-cooling system (water cooling also an option).
5. High quality socket with excellent surface finish.
6. Automatic ring loading system with ring storage.

Technical parameter

Model Pipe diameter (mm) Heating power (kW) Total power (kW) Expanding way
SGK160 Φ40-160 10 13 U or R type
SGK250 Φ50-250 11 15.5 U or R type
SGK400 Φ160-400 23 30 U or R type
SGK630 Φ 315-630 42 55 U or R type
SGK800 Φ 500-800 58 80 U or R type

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