WPC PVC Crust Foam Board Extrusion Line

Short Description:

Screw、barrel design and manufacturing absorb European advanced technology

Screw and barrel material:38CrMoAlA,Nitriding treated

WPC PVC Crust Foam Board Extrusion Line,Plastic PVC Crust Foam Board Artificial Marble Stone Sheet Extrusion Production Machine,PVC Crust Foam Board/Plate Production/Extrusion Line Plastic Sheet Making Machine,PVC Wood-Plastic Crust Foam Board Extrusion Machine for Decoration。

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Detail Technical Parameters


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General description

1、Product size: width 1250mm/thickness:2-30mm (Based on customer’s requirement)

2、Main Material: WPC Compounding , processing additives and filling agent

3、Extruder: SJSZ80/156 conical double screw extruder

4、Output: around 7ton/day

5、Cooling water temperature: <15℃   Air pressure: > 0.6Mpa

6、Power supply: 3Phase /380V/50HZ (Based on customer’s requirement)

B. Detail Technical Parameters of Each component

1. Screw Automatic loader

Item Description Unit remarks
1 Rated Charge Capacity Kg/h 450
2 Max charge capacity Kg/h 450
3 Motor Power KW 1.5
4 Hopper volume Kg 120
5 Spring diameter mm 36
6 Storage volume kg 150

2. SJSZ80/156 Conical Double Screw Extruder

﹡Screw、barrel design and manufacturing absorb European advanced technology

﹡Screw and barrel material:38CrMoAlA,Nitriding treated

﹡adopt original famous electric components with high steady running quality . Eg:

RKC or Omron temperature controller、ABB speed regulator、low-voltage breaker adopts Schneider or Siemens

﹡Gearbox adopt high torque, low noise, hard gear tooth face gear box

﹡Self protective system:

current of motor overload automatic stop protection

screw displacement automatic stop protection

Lubrication oil starvation automatic alarm device

1 Screw Diameter mm ¢80/156
2 Screw Length mm 1800
3 Screw rotation speed r/min 0-37
4 Material of Screw and Barrel / 38CrMoAlA  Nitrogen Treatment
5 Depth of nitration case mm 0.4-0.7mm
6 Hardness of nitration HV 》950
7 Roughness of the surface Ra 0.4un
8 Hardness of double alloys HRC 55-62
9 Depth of double alloys mm 》2
10 Heating Power KW 36
11 Barrel Heating / Casting Aluminum Heater
12 Screw core temperature control / Automatic cycle temperature control
13 Heating zones / 4
14 Cooling / blower cooling
15 Screw core temperature adjusting / By circle conduction oil
16 Screw quantity 2pcs
Machine frame Welding of steel pipe and iron plate
Gear box
1 Applicable standard / JB/T9050.1-1999
2 Material of gear and shaft / Adopt high strength alloy, carburizing and quenching, grinding
3 Gear precision and hardness / 6grade, HRC 54-62
4 Oil sealing All sealing adopt good products
5 Screw Safeguard / Automatic screw displacement alarm
7 gear bearing NSK
8 gear bearing MATERIAL 20CrMnTi Nitriding hard tooth surface 
Dosing feeding device
1 Feeding speed regulator / ABB frequency conversion
2 Can be adjusted separately or synchronized adjusting with extrusion.
3 Feeding motor                      1.5kwMaterial                          stainless steel
Motor and electric system
1 Motor Power KW 75(AC motor)
2 Speed adjusting mode / Variable frequency conversion
3 Output Capacity Kg/h 400
4 Temperature Controller / RKC, Japan
5 Frequency inverter / ABB
6 AC contactor / Siemens
7 Voltage / According to requirement
8 Motor brand Siemens
9 Extruder axis height mm 1000

3. Die head and calibrating Moulds (including mould temperature controller)

Item Description
Regulating device with choke plug: 1 set of die lip. The upper die lip can be adjusted and the lower die lip can be replaced. Equipped with die holder with adjustable die lifting.The mold lip is equipped with a circulating heat transfer oil device, equipped with a mold temperature machine.

Effective width of die head: 1350mm

Channel mode: clothes hanger channel is adopted

Product width: 1220mm

Thickness of foam board products: 3-25mm

Heating section: Zone 7

The die is made of high-quality alloy steel and die steel forgings, and the surface of the inner runner is chrome plated and polished.

Mold structure: the mold structure absorbs imported technology, and the interior of the mold cavity is plated with hard chromium and polished to a bright mirror.

Thickness adjustment: adjustable bolts are set on the die lip, which can be adjusted when producing plates with different thickness

Heating form: stainless steel electric heating rod is used for heating, with uniform discharge and good stability

Mold trolley, bracket type, with traveling wheel.

Material: square tube steel plate welding reinforced structure

Adjustment method: screw adjustment

Adjustment height: 100mm

4.4 Cooling shaping platform
Number of setting plates: 4 pairsSetting plate width: 600mmThickness of setting plate: 90mm

Length of setting plate: 1500mm

Treatment process: quenching and tempering + hard chromium plating + polishing

Cooling of setting plate: water cooling, specially designed flow channel, good cooling effect

Lifting of setting plate: hydraulic control, separate lifting control

Adjustment mode of upper formwork: fine adjustment screw

Treatment process of lifting guide post adjusting column: quenching and tempering + hard chromium plating + polishing

Front and rear walking mode of electric platform

Electric power: 0.37kw

Reducer form nmrv-40 / 75-500-0.37

Overall height adjustment mode of platform: manual adjustment

Platform overall control independent control panel

The control panel is composed of power indicator, main engine on-off switch, emergency stop button, tachometer, fine adjustment button, voltmeter and power switch.

4.5 hauling off
Rubber roller material: nitrile rubberTraction cots: 8 groups of 16 CotsRubber roller hardness: Shore hardness 53-58 degreesControl mode: pneumatic compression, independent control

Working width of rubber roller: 1400mm

Rubber roller: φ 250m

Variable frequency speed regulation is adopted for traction: ABB frequency converter

Linear speed: 1-2.5m/min

Motor power: 2x5.5kw

Gear form helical gear

Clamping mode:air cylinder

Move back and forth synchronously with the platform

The connection mode with the platform is the mother screw and can be adjusted separately

4.7 cutting machine
9 10
 Cutting mode: Electric transverse cuttingSelf locking motor: 0.75kwThickness of cut plate: 3-25mmCutting plate width: 1220 mm

Meter counting device: travel switch circuit control

Length counting has the advantages of mechanical and pneumatic control of length and accurate length.

Dust suction device is common to slitting

Clamping mode:air cylinder

Quantity of blade :1-3pcs

Cutter method :frequency control

Cutting guide: :aluminum alloy profile

4.8 board robert /automatic board lifting machine

main parameter configuration of special plate splicer for plate

1、 Overall dimension of equipment: 6500 * 1890 * 2600 (5000) mm;The height of the saw is 1150mm-980 mm, which can be adjusted with the center of the saw, and can be connected with the cutting table by the bracket;

2、 Electrical system:

1. Operation mode: PLC + touch screen, brand: Xinjie
2. Low voltage apparatus: Omron, Siemens, Schneider;

3. Alignment mode of plate conveying: stainless steel idler, idler Φ 60mm, number of idler 18, idler drive is cycloid reducer controlled by frequency converter, reducer model is bwy0-9-0.75kw, frequency converter brand: Xinjie;

4、 Lifting system: variable frequency speed regulating brake motor drive, RV Reducer rubber roller guide vertical lifting, motor power 1.0kw, reducer rv63-25, frequency converter brand: Xinjie;

5、 Translation system: servo motor drive RV Reducer, reducer rv63-10, servo motor model: 80st-0.75kw, brand: Xinjie

6、 Plate grabbing method: vacuum suction cup, number of suction cups: 10;

7、 Maximum stacking height: 1400mm;

8、 Maximum grasping weight: 50kg;

9 Maximum operating speed: 50s / time;

10、 Suitable plate size: 1000-3200mmx1220mm;



PVC foam board machine Spare parts :Accessories list:

NO Spare parts name Quantity
1 Cast alumium heater for 1 zone 1 pcs
2 Cooling air fan for barrel 1 pcs
3 Spanner for mould 1 pcs
4 contactors 2 pcs
5 Thermocouples 5 pcs
6  heating rods for abrasives 5 pcs
7 copper feeler gauge 1pcs
8 die adjusting bolts 5 pcs
9 Feeding spring for feeding machine 2 pcs
10 Pe pipe for feeding machine 2 pcs
11 air pipe connectors 5 pcs

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