PE PP ABS Sheet board Extrusion Machine

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Plastic PP PS HIPS PET ABS Sheet Extrusion Production Line :This production line consists of single screw plastic extruder, vacuum automatic feeding unit, dehumidifiers drying hopper, sheet die, 3 roller-ray unit, heating and leveling unit, roll cooling unit, edge cutting unit, traction, shearing unit, roller conveyor unit. With the characteristics of compact structure, superior performance, Screw and barrel optimized design and use of high-performance alloy 38CrMoAiA professional processing which ensure that the whole production line uniform plastics hand stable extrusion, high yield, long life and other advantages. The barrel uses casting aluminum heater heating, wind cooling and precise electronic temperature control instrument; Precise sizing and roller-ray unit to adjust the template good shape; Cutting unit adopt the fixed-length cutting to ensure the accurate length.

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Absorbing the international advanced technology and crafts, we have developed these PE/PP/PVC/ ABS/ PS/PC/PMMA board sheet production lines, which is mainly used to produce PE/PP/PVC/ ABS/ PS/PC/PMMA board sheet with the thickness 0.35-60mm, width 500-3000mm.


All the parts and components of the production line are from world famous brand, combined with our company’s years of experience and mature technology in producing the board (sheet) machines, make the machine is more reliable and perfect.

Application scenarios:
1.PP thick board
PP thick board can be widely used in chemical industry, food industry, anti-corrosion industry, purification industry, and environmental protection equipment production industry.
2. PE thick board
PP thick board is widely used in chemical, electric power and other industries, and HDPE sheets can also be used as engineering plastics in machinery, chemical and other equipment, and are widely used in the manufacture of ice hockey rink wall panels.
3. ABS thick board
ABS thick board is widely used in home appliances, electronics, packaging, medical equipment and other fields.
4.PS board sheet
PS board sheet, PS co-extruded two-color sheet, PS board sheet are used in construction, advertising, transportation, medicine, civil goods, industry, lighting, home furnishing, etc.
5. PC board
PC ,board,widely used in construction, engineering and decoration, etc.
6. PMMA acrylic board
PMMA acrylic board is widely used in refrigerators, air conditioners, advertising, construction, environmental protection chemicals, bathroom and other fields.
7. PVC sheet/board
Wall panel decoration, Blister products and so on.

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Technical Data

1 Automatic vacuum feeding machine 1 set
2 High efficiency single screw extruder (65/33, 75/33,90/33,120/33) 1 set
3 Hydraulic exchanging unit 1 set
4 Melting gear pump 1 set
5 T-type /hanger type die head (JC-Times brand) 1 set
6 Three Roller Calendars (alloy steel material ) 1 set
7 Rollers thermoforming machine 1 set
8 Cooling frame and edge cutting unit 1 set
9 Haul off machine 1 set
10 Plastic cutting machine-guillotine 1 set
11 Twin position sheet winder 1 set
12 Stacker 1 set
13 Electrical cabinet (ABB,Omron, RKC,Schneider, Siemens etc)
14 Spare parts 1 set

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1 Packing, printing, stationery, art works etc.
2  Main Products: Gift/ad/file bag/lamp cover/food packaging
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