PVC Crust Foam Board Machine

Short Description:

Practical Application: 
Traffic and Transportation: Roof, sandwich layer, inside upholstering plate for carriage of ship, plane, automobile, train, etc.
Construction Upholstering: Wall panel outside and inside building, partition board, plate for non-dust room, plate of hung ceiling, etc.
Advertising: Printing, nameplate, showing plate, etc.
Industry Use: Kinds of plates.
Furniture: Kitchen, washing room, indoor decorative material, etc.
Others: Template, exercise equipment, material for feeding use, water resistant facility by sea, etc.

High Quality PVC Crust Plate / WPC Wood Plastic Foam Board Sheet Extrusion Production Making Machine for Furniture Decoration Kitchen.Professional PVC WPC Free Foam Board Sheet Extrusion Line Plastic Machinery

Product Detail

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Finished Product Size

1220x2440mm with thickness:3mm-30mm

Main Material

PVC/CaCO3/Processing Additives


80/156 Conical Double-Screw Extruder

Production Capacity


Air Pressure


Power Supply


Skinning(WPC) foam board extrusion line

This extrusion line is made according to the feature of free foamed board and skinning foamed board by using the extrusion part of the free foamed board machine and the downstream equipment of the skinning foamed board.  Thus, the production of the extrusion line has the features of smooth surface and low density.  The surface hardness of the products is between the skinning foamed board and free foamed board.  The investment of this machine is small, which makes it easy for market promotion.

PVC Crust Foam Board Machine01

PVC Crust Foam Board Machine2

Twin Screw Extruder

PVC Crust Foam Board Machine3

Vacuum Calibration platform

PVC Crust Foam Board Machine4

Cooling bracket

PVC Crust Foam Board Machine5


PVC Crust Foam Board Machine6
PVC Crust Foam Board Machine7
PVC Crust Foam Board Machine8

Others auxiliary machine

PVC Crust Foam Board Machine9
PVC Crust Foam Board Machine03
PVC Crust Foam Board Machine11
PVC Crust Foam Board Machine04
Co-extruded PVC Foam Board Extrusion Line09
Multi-Layer Architectured01

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