Multi-layers co-extrusion plastic sheet board extrusion line

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PS Co-Extrusion Sheet Production Line/Plastic Sheet Production Line Manufacturers,Multi Layer Plastic Sheet Extuder Sheet Extrusion Line

ABS HIPS  ABS PMMA Multi-Layers Sheet Plate Board Extruder Machine Extrusion Line

1. pp sheet extrusion line is capable of continuously producing mono-layer or multi-layer PVC/PP/PE/ABS/PMMA/PC/PS/HIPS plate and sheet with the width less than 3000mm and thickness of 0.25-30mm .The products are widely used in the fields of refrigerater, air conditioner, auto, advertisement, and construction, environment protection, etc.

2. pp sheet extrusion line includes many equipments, such as :extruder, screen changer and mould, three-roller calendaring machine, bracket of cooling roller, landscape orientation cutting machine and the winder.

3. this machine can do Single Layer, Multi-Layers Composite Sheet Production Line

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Basic Information

1.SJ120 single screw extruder
2.SJ90 single screw extruder
3.Automatic Hydraulic Quick Screen Changer  Two sets
Performance features:

  • Double-Station Quick Screen Changer enables the changing of screen within 2 seconds or below.
  • The automatic screen changer can change the screen in a timely, prompt and reliable manner to ensure the constant and continual output of materials.

4. Co-ex extruding die mould  One set
Performance features:

  • Coated with chrome & polished
  • Alloyed mould steel material
  • Casting Alluminium heating band
 Width of mould mm 1600
Sheet thickness Min. mm 0.5
Max. mm 5
 including Die head
Die pain
Die bushing
Heating band
& support trolley

5. Three roller Calender and side cutter One set

Performance features:

  • With emergency stop
  • Adjusting method the roller space: Pneumatic adjusting
  • Temp-regulating of roller: water-heating and cooling
  • Blade method side cutting
  • Low energy consumption
  • Low noise design
Product Width mm 1600
Ready products thickness, or gap Min. mm 0.5
Max. mm 5.0
Roller diameter Upper roller mm Ø400
Middle roller mm Ø400
Bottom roller mm Ø315
Roller length mm 1600
The thickness of chrome surface mm 0.1- 0.12
Surface chrome conditions class 12
No. of rollers Pcs 3
Max. Linear speed m/min 15
Driving motor power kw 2.2
Driving motor quantity Pcs 3
Moving motor power kw 0.75
Max. elevating dist. Of upper or bottom roller mm 50

6. Bracket and Haul-off Machine One set

Performance features:

  • A pair of rubber rollers haul off
  • Speed adjustable control, the up and down rollers are synchronized via drive unit
  • With emergency stop
  • Low energy consumption
  • Low noise design
Dia. Of sloe-cooling roller Mm Ø70
Length of sloe-cooling roller Mm 1700
Dia. Of towing roller Mm Ø160
Length of towing roller Mm 1700
Towing linear velocity Min. m/min 2
Max. m/min 20
Towing motor kw 2.2
Width without edge mm 1500

7. Cutter One set

Performance features:

  • The machine is manufactured according to EU Norms.
  • Adjustable machine leveling feet.
  • With emergency stop.
  • Low energy consumption.
  • Low noise design.
Method Balde cutting
Thickness of the sheet Min mm 0.5
Max. mm 5
Width of the sheet mm 1600
Method Electric

8.  Stacker (up and down platform) One set

Performance features:

The cut sheets are transported to the up-down platform, whish can adjust the height according to the quantity of the sheets. When the sheets reach a certain quantity, they’ll be put down by the stacker for packing.

Technical data Unit Details
Production width mm 1600
Motor Power KW 1.1
Length mm 2500
Width mm 1700
Height (can be adjusted ) mm 600~1000

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