Plastic Material Mixer Machine

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High Speed Plastic Mixer Machine① hot mixer ② cooling mixer ③screw loader

1.stable performance

2.smooth operation

3.high efficiency

4.high-end custom

5.quality assurance

  • FOB Price: US $0.5 - 9,999 / Piece
  • Min.Order Quantity: 100 Piece/Pieces
  • Supply Ability: 10000 Piece/Pieces per Month
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    SRL-500/1000 hot and cooling mixer units

    Equipment components:

    ① hot mixer ② cooling mixer ③screw loader

    Technical parameters and related performance of equipment

    1. hot mixing part

    Total volume of hot mix 510L

    Effective volume of hot mix 380L

    Feeding quantity per time 180-230kg/ pot

    Productive capacity 720-920kg/h

    Motor power 75kW

    Slurry type Linear three-layer mixed slurry (stainless steel)

    Bottom thickness 5mm

    Thickness of inner wall of boiler 5mm

    Hot mix speed 748 rpm

    Mixing time 8-15 min / pot

    Temperature during mixing operation ≤150℃

    2. cold mixing

    Volume of cold mixer 1000L

    Effective volume of cold mixing 800L

    Motor power 11KW

    Reducer model WPO175 1:20

    Cold mixed slurry One set of slurry stainless steel

    Thickness of inner wall of boiler 5mm stainless steel

    Thickness of outer wall of boiler 5mm iron pot

    Bottom of pot 5mm stainless steel 8mm iron

    Mixing speed 49 rpm

    Cooling time 10-15 min / pot

    Water supply in the interlayer of the cold mixing boiler Water pressure ≤ 0.3MPa

    Water consumption 12 tons / hour (can enter the pool for recycling)

    Most suitable discharging temperature ≤45℃

    Suitable for water temperature 10-18℃

    3. electrical part

    Universal frequency converter 75kW,, CHINT or others famous brand Electric Appliance, with heat dissipation and exhaust holes in the electric box


    4. unloading method And lid

    All pneumatic discharging and pneumatic cover lifting.

    5. the feeding machine adopts screw feeding machine

      Automatic screw loader
    1 Transport tube diameter mm 102
    2 Charging motor power KW 1.5
    3 Push material motor power KW 0.75
    4 Storage volume kg 150
    5 Material of storage hopper and tube / Stainless steel

    10 11 12

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