16―110mm PE pipe production line

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PE/PPR Pipe Extruder Extrusion Machine Making Production Line

20-110 PE/HDPE PPR Pipe Extrusion Pipe Production Line 

A. Necessary Machines for 16-110mm PE Pipe Extrusion Line

  • 1 set of automatic vacuum loader
  • 1set of hopper dryer
  • 1 set of Single-Screw Extruder – SJ75/33
  • 1 set of SJ25/25 co-extruder
  • 1 complete set Moulds for16-110mm
  • 1 set of Vacuum Calibration and Cooling water Tank
  • 1 set of Cooling tank
  • 1 set of two pedrails tractor
  • 1 set of printer
  • 1 set of free dusty Cutter
  • 1 set of stacker (if you need PE pipe winder, then please advise us )

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Main technical parameter

Single-screw extruder        SJ75/33   

Diameter of screw 75 mm
Rotating speed of screw 1-100 r/min
L/D 33:1
Power of main motor 75 kw
Heating power of barrel 30 kw
Output 180-240 kg/h
Center height 1000mm
Weight 3500kg
Dimension 4000x1500x1500mm
Timing way of mainframe Frequency conversion
Temperature control of barrel Heating: cast aluminum heaterCooling : 5 sections wind cooling
Material of screw and barrel 38CrMoAlA Nitrided on surface 0.4~0.7mmRigidity: above 700 HV
Gearbox Hard tooth face
Main motor frequency controller ABB
Temperature controller OMRON
AC controller Schneider
Thermal overload relay Schneider

Single-screw extruder (So-extruder, used to make lines on the pipe)           SJ25/25

Diameter of screw 25mm
L/D 25:1
Power of main motor 1.5 kw
Rotating speed of screw 0-30r/min
Heating power 3 kw
Extrusion capacity 8 kg/h
Center height 1000mm
Weight 250kg
Dimension 1600 x 1000 x 1500mm
Timing way of mainframe Frequency conversion
Temperature control of barrel Heating: cast aluminum heaterCooling : .2 sections wind cooling
Material of screw and barrel 38CrMoAlA Nitrided on surface
Drive way Hard tooth face gearbox
Material of screw and barrel 38CrMoAlA Azotizing on surface
Drive way Hard tooth face gearbox
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Material Forge steel
Specification  ∮16-∮110mm
  1. Vacuum forming machine
Power of vacuum pump motor 3kw x 2 water-ring vacuum pump
Power of water pump 3kw x 2
Power of lengthways motor 1.1 kw cycloid
Material Stainless steel
Position and method of cooling spray 4 sets spray-pouring cooling
Material and quantity of muzzle ABS x 200 pcs.
Motion range of forward and backward ±500mm, motor drive
Up-down adjusting range ±80mm, by manual
Dimension 9000 x 450 x 1400 mm
Weight 1400kg

Spraying & Cooling tank

Method of cooling spray Sprayer
Motor power of the water pump 3kw
Material of the nozzle ABS x 200pcs.
Figure dimension 6000 x 650 x 1400 mm

Caterpillar haul- off machine  1set

Max .speed of hauling 0-8 m/min
Haul-off  range ∮16 -∮110 mm
Motor power of hauling 3 kw
Effective length of pedrail 1500
Adjusting mode of hauling motor Frequency conversion
Center height mm 1000
Figure dimension mm 1800 x 800 x 1600 mm
Air pressure MPa ≥0.6

Dust free cutting

Range of cutting mm ∮20-∮110mm
Motor power of cutting 2.2  kw
Air pressure ≥0.6  MPa
Figure dimension 2000 x 1200 x 1600  mm

stacker or winder 

Automatic loader   ZJ 400

Max. wind pressure 13000 pa
Max. air volume 2.8m3/min
Power of motor 1.5kw
Rotating speed of motor 2800 r/min
Transportation capacity 400kg/h
Volume of aspirating hopper 15 L
Inter diameter of transfer soft tube 40mm
Inter diameter of aspirating soft tube 50mm
Method of loading Vacuum aspirating
Weight 90kg

Hopper dryer   STG-U500

Total volume 500L
Heating power 18 kw
Loading capacity 300kg
Blower power 0.55 kw
Material Stainless steel
Temperature adjusting Electron temperature adjuster
Weight 240 kg
Dimension 2000 x 850 x 2200 mm


HDPE gas pipe making machine PE plastic pipe extruder
1.City water pipe network system
2.Urban and rural drinking water pipe line.
3.Landscaping water supply and Sewage discharge pipes network
4.Agricultural irrigation pipe.


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