Plastic Window Door Profile Extrusion Machine

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our SJZ65/132 PVC Profile Extrusion Line. This extrusion line is composed of SJZ65/132 Conical Twin-screw Extruder and downstream assistant machine.

  • FOB Price: US $0.5 - 9,999 / Piece
  • Min.Order Quantity: 100 Piece/Pieces
  • Supply Ability: 10000 Piece/Pieces per Month
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    SJZ65/132 PVC Profile Extrusion Line

    1. Project evaluation

    According to your requirement, we’d like to recommend our SJZ65/132 PVC Profile Extrusion Line. This extrusion line is composed of SJZ65/132 Conical Twin-screw Extruder and downstream assistant machine. Please check the below information:

    1.1 Material characteristics

    1.1.1 based material:

    • PVC powder:

    • CaCo3:

    1.1.2 Additive:

    • Coupling

    • Lubricant

    1.1.3 Material form

    • All the material should be mixed completely.

    Finished product: PVC Profile;

    Output capacity: 150~250kg/hr (depending on finished product)

    Infrastructure (Provided by customer)

    a. Space for profile extrusion line in workshop:

    About 22m (length)×2.5m(width)×3m(height) (Adjustable according to your factory. We ask you to show us the design draw of your workshop).

    b. Electricity network: 380V/50Hz (Adjustable according to your local voltage standard).

    c. Wire/cables: wires/cables from customer’s general control cabinet to the main control cabinet for profile extrusion line; all electrical cable from the main control cabinet to each machine.

    d. Water supply: main water pipeline supply and water pipes to machines.

    e. Means for lifting the machines when unloading and positioning.

    f. Everything else not clearly mentioned above.

    1.3 Energy consumption:

    a. Electricity requirement

    Total power installed: 100Kw;

    Actual power consumption percentage: 80%;

    b. Water requirement

    8-10T/h and water can be circulated by means of a water pool (built by customer);

    c. Manpower requirement

    Max. Qty. of labors: 1-2 person;


    2. Flow line and configuration for PVC profile production line 


    3. Technical specification

    SJZ65/132 PVC Profile extrusion line



    Photo of machine Qty. Technical specifications


    ZJ300 feeder 11


    Rated transmission capacity: 300kg/h
    Motor power: 1.5kwSpring diameter: Φ36mm

    Material: Stainless steel


    SJZ65/132 conical twin-screw extruder 12


    2.1 screw2.2 barrel

    2.3 driving motor

    2.4 feeding system

    2.5 Vacuum system

    2.6 Adaptor

    2.7 Main electric cabinet

    Self-protective system

    2.1 Screw : diameter conical 65/ 132 mm for PVC drainpipe and water supply pipe.Material of screw: 38CrMoAl

    Surface treatment: Nitriding processing, thickness: 0.6 ~ 0,8mm, Polishing

    Rotating speed (counter rotating): 1-34.7 rpm/min

    2.2 Barrel: diameter conical 65/132

    Inner processing: nitrided with thickness: 0.6 ~ 0.8mm

    Heating zones: 4

    Heating mode: Cast alumina + stainless steel covering

    Heating power: 22kw

    Cooling mode: Air fans: 3 Sets

    2.3 Driving motor:

    Motor power: 37Kw

    Type of motor = AC

    2.4 Feeding system:

    Gravity and screw dosing feeding system

    With stainless steel hopper

    Dosing feeding system:

    Motor: 1.5Kw

    Feeding sleeve with circular water cooling

    2.5 Vacuum dehumidifying system:

    Vacuum pump: 1 set

    Vacuum degree = 0 ~ 0.075 Mpa

    2.6 Adaptor: (Interflow Section):

    Material: #40steel Chrome plated, inner convergent flow type

    Connection method with die: clamping block + bolt

    Pressure melt sensor and thermocouple

    2.7 Main electric part supplier :

    Inverter: ABB or DELATA

    Contactor: Schneider or SIEMENS

    Air Switch: Schneider

    Relay: Omron

    Temperature controller: RKC

    2.8 Self protective system:

    Over current protective of motor

    Over pressure protective of screw.


    YF240 Calibration platform 13 1 3.1 Exterior dimension3.2 Vacuum pump

    3.3 Water pump

    3.4 Three direction adjustment:

    Contact water part are made by stainless steel.

    3.1 Exterior dimension:Lx W x H: 6000x1100x1000mm (adjustable)

    3.2  Vacuum pump:

    Vacuum pump: 3x5.5KW;

    Origin: Yuanli, China

    3.3 Water pump:

    Water pump: 1×4KW;

    Origin: Guangzhou, China

    3.4 Three direction adjustment:

    Forward and Backward with 0.75 Kw motor

    Range: ±1000mm

    Up and down, left and right manually adjusted

    Range: up and down: ±150mm

    LEFT and RIGHT moving: ±50mm


    DYⅢQ Haul-off and cutter (combined) 14 1 4.1 Haul-off4.2 Cutter
    4.1 Haul-offHaul-off speed: 0-3m/min;

    Motor power: 5.5KW;

    Caterpillar width: 210mm;

    Caterpillar length: 2200mm;

    Pneumatic clamp;

    Adopt holip or ABB inverter;

    4.2 Cutter

    Motor power: 2.2KW;

    Scrap collecting motor power: 1.5KW;

    Diameter of saw: 500mm;

    Cutting range: 200mm;

    With scrap collecting device;



    Tipping table/Stacker 15 1 5.1 Tipping table:Length

    Control method

    Height adjusting range

    Length: 6,000mmControl method: Pneumatic

    With screws to adjust the height range: 0 ~ 180mm


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